Excerpts from
“Guide to Western Civilizations”
Augustus Lexicanus

“Lanzeheim was a fairly respected kingdom during the Age of Supremacy though its role in the war did provoke some rather negative reactions from its rivals. Lanzeheim and its leader at the time, Sigmund Valerius detested the state the land had fallen in. Lanzeheim refused to wage its own military campaigns and struggled to maintain a neutral status. This caused several inner conflicts among the counts of Lanzeheim as some of them demanded that king Sigmund establish a more powerful presence in the power struggle. Despite this Lanzeheim was one of the most industrious of the kingdoms. Agriculture was among the most productive making Lanzeheim very prosperous. Majority of trade goods originated from Lanzeheim and trade routes were open to all kingdoms. This was however one among many reasons for scorn as several kingdoms disliked Lanzeheim trading with their rivals as well.

King Sigmund was determined to maintain neutrality and focused primarily on defensive tactics. This concerned the more war hungry counts as they saw it a desperate struggle that would not last. This caught the attention of Lawrenzia-Davinsgrad alliance who tried to persuade Sigmund to take their side. While Sigmund respected their ambitions his mind was set to not take a side as it would provoke a direct conflict such rival kingdoms as Barbator."

Lanzeheim certainly is among the most impregnable defenses in Krozia. However I believe it will tear itself apart from inside before anyone would manage to assault it from outside.

-Ezekiel Villenhart, royal strategist, Hengstford"

“Knights of Lanzeheim were called Myrmidons and unquestionably the greatest mounted cavalry during the Age of Supremacy. Lanzeheim itself covered vast reaches of flatland serving as proving grounds for Myrmidons. This also let the Myrmidon cavalry to react to threats and establish defensive perimeters lightning quick. Hit and run was the specialty of Myrmidons attacking quickly and precisely with their capable steeds.”

Lanzeheim Heritage
Typically blonde hair
+2 to Dexterity, +2 to Charisma, -2 to Strength
Favored classes: Cavalier, Bard, Druid, Cleric

Industrious – Industry based society of Lanzeheim has granted you certain aptitude in a craft. You gain a +2 bonus to one Craft skills or you may instead gain a +1 bonus to all Appraisal checks.

Flatlander = You’ve spent your childhood on the vast grasslands of Lanzeheim. You gain a +10ft bonus to movement speed as long as not on Difficult Terrain

Plainsrider = You’re skilled in the arts of horse riding. You are proficient with Ride skill and gain +2 bonus to all Ride checks, furthermore you do not incur an armor penalty while riding a horse as long as not on Difficult Terrain.

Languages: Lanzian, Common (High intelligence score may allow to choose additional languages from the following: Lawrenzian, Davinian, Hengstfordian, Barbatic, Valmonhiric)


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