Kingless Lands

Excerpts from
“Guide to Western Civilizations”
Augustus Lexicanus

“Not all lands however stood under conquest by a king. There were in fact numerous settlements in places at the time named the Kingless Lands. Villages too unimportant to annexion, hamlets too little to be mapped, even towns and cities broken off from their kingdoms or desperately struggling to maintain their independence. Nature of these settlements varied greatly.

Some settlements were under the protection of Mercenaries Guild. These towns served as hives for mercenaries of all walks of life. Mostly however these cities housed outlaws, exiles, thieves and cutthroats. Whether simply despising royalty or running from law all could find home in these often chaotic havens.

Other settlements were simply either too unimportant or small to be of any value. These small communities often lived off land and worshipped a variety of pagan deities, situated mostly around edges of the civilized lands. These villages or hamlets were mostly made up of farmers and hunters.

At the other side of the spectrum there are the kingless tribes. Organized either in nomadic communities or campsites these were the remnants of times long passed. Referred to by others as barbarians, they stubbornly kept to their old beliefs and traditions, keeping themselves away from civilized life. These tribesmen were often primitive and illiterate, however they tended to pick up languages from nearby civilizations so some communication was possible usually with other kingless settlements.

Lastly there were the hermits, people who’ve withdrawn themselves from society living on their own accord. Lone rangers, hungry for freedom tended to prefer this lifestyle. There were however others who were forced into it. Men and women labeled as witches, warlocks or heretics would distance themselves to avoid public persecution and death. Very few however proved to be actually capable of arcane, most were sadly condemned falsely."

Kingless Heritage

+2 to one ability of choice
Favored class = Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Witch

Survivalist = Your life in the kingless lands has granted you increased ability to sustain yourself. You gain +2 bonus to Heal, Survival and Knowledge (Nature) skills.

Outdoorsman = Either by outrunning the law, living off or working the lands you are apt at traversing difficult terrain. You can run or charge through Difficult Terrain.

Natural Immunity – You’ve been exposed to the wilderness and lived to endure it. You gain immunity to all non-magical diseases.

Languages: Common ((High intelligence score may allow to choose additional languages from the following: Ancient Runic, Davian, Lanzian, Barbatic, Hengstfordian, Valmonhiric, Lawrenzian)

Kingless Lands

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