Excerpts from
“Guide to Western Civilizations”
Augustus Lexicanus

“Hengstford was one of the younger kingdoms during the Age of Supremacy. Named after the capitol of Hengstford around which the kingdom was formed, it was originally part of Davinsgrad that split off early on, even before the beginning of the Age of Supremacy. Unfortunately records around the particular time period are scarce at best. What is known however is that the declaration of independence took place during the reign of king Casimir Davinov – sixth and the last king of the Davinov dynasty, the founders of Davinsgrad. Also worth mentioning is that during the reign of king Casimir the decision was made to expand and relocate the kingdom of Davinsgrad into the Frozen Wasteland. It is however unclear whether these two events were connected and any such records may have been lost in time.

The two kingdoms maintained a fairly friendly disposition towards each other until the early Age of Supremacy. Davinsgrad and Hengstford formed a temporary truce to repel a major war campaign conducted by Barbator general Konrad Desmarais. It was to be a mutually beneficial deal, Davinsgrad offered material wealth for Hengstford’s assistance and if thwarted, Desmarais would pose no threat to either of the kingdoms. The neighboring kingdom of Valmonhir however had different plans. They made an offer to Hengstford, twice the wealth promised by Davinsgrad and a several year treaty for protection against Barbator’s forces. In turn Hengstford would need to turn on their allies, notably the regiments of davian general Philip Tresco who lead many a campaign in Valmonhir territory. In the eve of the decisive battle, Hengstford’s arbalesters opened fire on the backs of their davian allies. Barbator’s forces crushed the davinian resistance, with Tresco killed on the battlefield, Barbator established a powerful presence north of Eslanian and would not be driven out for years severely impairing several davinian campaigns on the other side of the Eslanian. Afterwards Davinsgrad’s wrath fell upon Hengstford. Valmonhir denied their involvement in Hengstford’s treason and called back their treaty soon afterwards to avoid Davinsgrad’s backlash. This put the three kingdoms in a bloody triangle of conflict.

Ruler of Hengstford during the Age of Supremacy was king Archibald Von Cruz. Hengstford maintained a lot of similarities with davinian culture but with time it formed its own aspects. However its population ended up divided. There were some who saw king’s decision to betray Davinsgrad as cowardly. After the Davinsgrad-Lawrenzia alliance they recognized Davinsgrad as the superior nation and wished for the Hengstford independence to be recalled, while others strived to maintain the independence. Thus the betrayal caused the people to be split, some cities going as far as denouncing king’s rule and breaking off."

Who knows what’s going on with Hengstford’s leadership or rather lack thereof. It has provoked enemies on two fronts and its people stand divided. You can only tempt fate so much.
-Dominic Sobolov of house Sobolov, royal administrator, Davinsgrad

“Hengstford was a home to many able archers. A large bulk of the army force was made up of arbalesters – arguably the sharpest crossbowmen in the land. They relied on concentrated and continuous volleys of bolts to mow down even the most armored foes. Knights of Hengstford were called the Vanguards. While most knights from other nations wore the thickest full-plate, Hengstfordian Vanguards favored the more mobile half-plate armor. This allowed them to keep their opponents at medium range as they pelted them bolts from their hand crossbows before engaging in close combat with their swords.”

Hengstford Heritage

+2 to Dexterity, +2 to Charisma -2 to Strength
Favored classes: Rogue, Ranger

Bowmanship – From your life in Hengstford you’ve picked up an aptitude at ranged weaponry. You may choose to gain proficiency with either Bow or Crossbow type weapons. If you’re already proficient with either of types you may instead gain Weapon Focus for a Bow or Crossbow type weapon of choice as a bonus feat at level 1.

Eagle Eye – Your Hengstfordian heritage has granted you keen senses. You gain +2 bonus to all Perception rolls.

On your toes – Sometimes life puts you on the other end of the arrow, luckily you’ve learned to react quickly in such situations. You gain +2 bonus to all Reflex saves

Languages: Hengstfordian, Common (High intelligence score may allow to choose additional languages from the following: Davinian, Valmonhiric, Ancient Runic, Barbatic)


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