Excerpt from
“History of Religion”
Lucas Anatoliy

“As mentioned before, reticulists worshiped a hivemind deity or The Polygod comprised of numerous Aspects each working in tandem with each other, symbolizing the good and bad of the world as we know it. Below are a brief outline of each of the Aspects. Followers of aspects strived to honor everything their aspect stood for while honoring The Polygod as a whole.

Samiel = Aspect of altruism and the embodiment of selflessness. Symbol of Samiel was a sun.

Vitruviel = Aspect of justice. Embodiment of just reward and punishment. Symbol of Samiel was a lion.

Corviel – Aspect of life. Embodiment of birth and nature. Symbol of Corviel was an oak tree.

Turiel – Aspect of balance. Embodiment of co-dependence and absolute neutrality. Symbol of Turiel were scales.

Sigmael = Aspect of time. Embodiment of destiny and inevitability. Symbol of Sigmael was a sand dial.

Nephael – Aspect of desire. Embodiment of love and lust. Symbol of Nephael was a rose.

Lorgael = Aspect of conflict. Embodiment of war and rivalry. Symbol of Lorgael were two crossed battle-axes.

Zanael – Aspect of death. Embodiment of age and decay. Symbol of Zanael was a winged skull.

Asmael – Aspect of sorrow. Embodiment of pain and injustice. Symbol of Asmael was a raven.

Lastly the worship of individual Aspects tended to be heavily self interpreted, varying from community to community on how the purviews of these Aspects were held. For example a sect of Asmael, Aspect of sorrow, would not necessarily spread pain and injustice but rather acknowledge them as necessity. They would themselves embrace these aspects and help others embrace them as tests from which to grow stronger. Sects to individual Aspects however were still a minority as most preferred to worship The Polygod as one entity."


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