Excerpts from
“Guide to Western Civilizations”
Augustus Lexicanus

“Valmonhir was one of the northern kingdoms in the Age of Supremacy. Located east of Hengstford it had one of the most tactically advantageous positions. Southwards it was flanked by the brunt of Eslanian Forest, to the east of it was the coastal region and lands further to north reached into a stretch of kingless lands and the mostly inhospitable Frozen Wasteland. Only direct threat was the kingdom of Hengstford with whom Valmonhir had quite a bit of hostility. It was however a much more secure situation than what could be said of most kingdoms (e.g. – Lawrenzia), in case of open warfare, the larger and more powerful kingdoms such as Davinsgrad or Barbator would first have to go through Hengstford lest they try their chance with Valmonhir’s fortified naval blockade. This would give the entire kingdom enough time for reinforcement.

It was rumored at the time that Valmonhir was in an unofficial agreement with Barbator. King of Valmonhir – Leonid Van Buuren, after the untimely death of his first wife Elsa, had married a Barbatorian duchess, Sophia Bréon. It is unclear however who proposed whom and to what intention but it is safe to say it benefited both kingdoms in a way. Accounts state that some degree of co-operation existed between Valmonhir and Barbator."

It’s a common fact Valmonhir licks Barbator’s boots on every such chance. One can’t help but feel it’s all part of some clever ruse. True questions is who is playing whom?
-“Thrice Dead” Rainer, leader of the mercenary warband “Skulltakers”, governor of Seventh Haven, Kingless Lands"

“Knights of Valmonhir were called Skirmishers. While they retained the characteristic masterwork platemail and unparalleled fighting skill it is often associated with knighthood they had an unusual distinction. Each knight would be accompanied by two Valmonhir Warhounds. It was believed these hounds were raised and trained to specifically obey only their caretaker knight from his very childhood. There is however very little to back up this claim but it was indeed the reputation Valmonhir Skirmishers had at the time. Hounds themselves were a vicious breed, heavily muscled and ferocious, they could easily match the speed of a galloping horse, some would even be donned in armor. This gave the Skirmishers a rather serious edge over their enemies.

Valmonhir Warhounds (and their knightly masters, albeit in a derogatory manner) were often nicknamed Valmonhounds as their specific breed was only found in the region of Valmonhir. They were extremely common and as fiercely loyal as they were fierce. This however meant that underground dog-fighting circles were abundant, it was also rumored Valmonhir Skirmishers held such activities among themselves as well. ”

Valmonhir Heritage

Favored class – Fighter, Ranger
+2 to Dexterity, +2 to Wisdom, -2 to Constitution

Lasher – Living in Valmonhir you’ve gained basic aptitude at keeping angered animals (or foes) at bay. You gain Whip Mastery as a bonus feat at level 1.

Skeptic – Valmonhir’s cities are rife with gambling (and those who’d profit from it), you’ve learned to anticipate scams and otherwise shady business. You gain +2 bonus to all Sense Motive rolls.

All or nothing – Life in Valmonhir has taught you that sometimes you must take a wild leap to succeed. Once a day you may perform a Reckless Strike – for one melee attack you increase target’s AC to your total attack roll bonus, if the attack hits it’s considered a Critical Hit. If the attack misses you gain a penalty to your AC score equal to your total attack bonus until your next turn.

Languages: Valmonhiric, Common (High intelligence score may allow to choose additional languages from the following: Davinian, Hengstfordian, Barbatic, Lawrenzian)


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