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Welcome to Krozia.
A continent wrecked by decades of wars. Nations all across the land fight it out in bloody skirmishes, each one aiming for complete domination. In a land where dragons, elves, wizards and spirits are stuff of fables and legends, where superstition and persecution are common, where innovation is low and mortality is high, two kings rise in a pact to join forces for the greater good. You in this grand game are few among many, a band of adventurers hungry for glory and fortune. Fueled by your personal ambitions you take the only step to thrill and gold available in these cruel times, the big equal opportunity employer – The Mercenaries Guild. However, from the brutal and competitive scene of sellswords and bounty hunters you’ll soon find yourselves plunged into the maelstrom of global warfare, deception, political intrigue and conspiracy. Valiant war heroes, secret resistances and deceptive monarchs with much more than skeletons in their closets are just the tip of the iceberg as you’ll begin to discover there are forces in this world far beyond human comprehension. Boundaries between myth and reality begin to blur as your adventures begin to crack open the hidden secrets of Krozia.

Keep your blade sharp and your wits even sharper.

Brief overview of the world

Main Page

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