Brief overview of the world

Excerpts from
“Insight into The Age of Supremacy: Abridged”
by Augustus Lexicanus

“It is often remembered as one of the darkest times in all of Krozia. But it is sacrifice that paves the way to greatness and it is something Krozia had to endure in hopes of making it to a brighter and more prosperous future.
If I were to describe the what is now referred to as Age of Supremacy following terms come to mind – greed, narrow mindedness, lust for power and bloodshed. The continent was extremely scrambled as ideals and ambitions clashed with each other fueling global wars between numerous kingdoms, counties, duchies, voivodeships and other forms of monarchy present at the time. In the end most wanted the same thing. Meaning territory and expansion of their influence, no doubt quite a few were ambitious enough to contest for a role of undisputed leadership in the entire land. During this bloody era many sought to profit from the wars, most prominently the Mercenaries Guild – a conglomeration of sellsword offices all across the continent. Their services were sought after by kings and common men alike. In the end many risked their lives in hopes of generous reward for their efforts. Fewer lived to be rewarded but it is needless to say mercenary business was booming and the Guild prospered greatly.”

“…another prominent characteristic of the Age of Supremacy was the public distaste of magic users. At the time the secrets and the practice of the arcane was somewhat of an enigma. Stuff of folk legend and superstition. There however have been records of prominent wizards during the period although it is hard to distinguish where factual evidence ends and fables begin. Nevertheless it is believed whatever few magic users existed they were for the most part feared by the general populace. Public executions over witchcraft were at some parts common place, some hamlets even banding together in organizations dedicated to snuff out witches and warlocks before they can do any harm to the people. Few of the individuals aware of their gift resorted to exclusion becoming hermits living away from society in desperate attempts to hide their prowess, others learned to hide it, forever living on the edge in a hateful world. For some it was a curse, for others a gift.

On the other end of the spectrum were the magicians of divine – clerics, druids and paladins. Those who could indeed channel the powers of divine were hailed as saints and messiahs. Extremely few such individuals existed and their services were sought after by many. It is around the time of Age of Supremacy when the art of alchemy began to bloom. Many a snake oil salesman aside those capable of creating actual, potent alchemical substances were few as well as the art was still in its larval stage and inaccessible to common man. It is during these times that the blade ruled all. Many would conquer by it, many would die by it."

Brief overview of the world

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