Mithril Blade

Broad yet light blade manufactured in Davinsgrad.

weapon (melee)

Damage(M)- d10
Cost – 600g
Critical – (18-20)x2


Staple of Davinsgrad’s metallurgy. These longswords are made from mithril – a light but sturdy metal found in the Frozen Wasteland. Art of forging such a sword is only known among Davinsgrad’s blacksmiths. These swords are roughly the length of a standard longsword however with a wider blade, this makes the blades more deadly without sacrificing weight or stability due to the lightweight nature of the metal.

These swords are typically made only one handed, adhering to Davinsgrad’s centuries old fighting style. It is believed that only one mithril blade of a two handed variant has ever been made.

Mithril Blade

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