Barbator Sawblade

Broad, straight edge blade with a serrated edge

weapon (melee)

Damage(M) – 1d8
Critical – (18-20)x2
Cost – 600gp
Strike causes 1d4 bonus bleed damage on critical hit, does not stack with itself

Damage(M) – 2d6
Critical – (19-20)x3
Cost = 900gp
Strike causes 1d6 bonus bleed damage on critical hit, does not stack with itself


Weapon common in Barbator’s army, comes in one handed and two handed variations. Serrated edges cause grievous wounds to anyone unlucky enough to get in their way.

One handed variant is a rectangular, single edge blade roughly the length of a standard longsword, covered in saw teeth. It ends with a flat point making it incapable of piercing damage however the jagged edge rends through light armor with ease, shredding cloth and chipping off chain links.

Two handed variant is a more rare version of this weapon usually seen in hands of Barbator knights. It’s a broad, rectangular blade with razor sharp saw teeth on both edges, the handle of the blade is lengthened to counteract its unwieldy nature. While stil lacking any piercing capabilities this heavy sword is absolutely devastating to all but sturdiest armor. These swords have been nicknamed “grinders” due to the nauseating screech made with the teeth raking across plate mail.

These weapons are only manufactured within kingdom of Barbator and are generally frowned upon and even illegal anywhere else.

Barbator Sawblade

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