Lawrenzian Alchemist


Height: 5’10
Age: 31
Blue Eyes
Chestnut Brown Hair
Deity: What Non-sense is this?


If not for a very, recent explosion ‘Jech’ may have once looked quite scholarly. Often seen in the parade armor of a Lawrenzian Military Alchemist, all too often it comes with a mad glint in his eyes.

Jech is a egotistical man possessed with more than a fleeting Patriotism for his kingdom of birth.. even to the point of seeing its allies as a stepping stone for its obvious intellectual superiority..after all how far would those Davian brutes truly get without Lawrenzian Alchemy?

This mentality has earned the man calling himself Jech, an alias too help keep his newfound freedom, more than a little infamy among both his peers and the Davians in the know. Enough so that his willingness to sacrifice Davian soldiers has earned him the label of War Criminal and a near-hanging if not for his genius being far greater than those brutish Davians could expect to handle. His means of escape; however, has left him both physically and mentally scarred and both are readily apparent to those who keep a close eye on him.


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