Briar De Antillades

General-Commander of Barbator


Man tall as a mountain, wearing full suit of black, lustrous platemail, trimmed with gold. It’s is undoubtedly a custom work of an expert artisan, one of the shoulderplates is emblazoned with a heraldry depicting a thistle flower and a crown. On his back is a flowing silk cape sporting colors of Barbator flag and by his side hangs a beautiful cutlass with an ornate gold handle and a pommel decorated into a head of a falcon.

His face is stern and intimidating, his coal black hair is slicked back and his thick dark moustache is neatly trimmed.

His image exudes nothing less than highest nobility and grim charisma of an army leader.

He is the general of the entire royal army of Barbator and arguably the second most powerful figure in the kingdom next to the king.

He is the commander of his own personal regiment – The Blackhearts.

Briar De Antillades

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