Age of Supremacy

Chapter 4

Ignem aeternum

Another job well done; returning to the guild we were paid and all the more confident. We had defeated the famed blood crow knights, and Breuz had even managed to take one of their helms. It seemed he took a liking to us, and now we were a team of four making good money. We didn’t rest up long, leaving the small town practically heading back straight for the guild

We entered the wooden hall of the guild again, paying introduction to the clerk that was always there; a rather rough looking woman with a scar across her face similar to Marcus and Tempest. Turning from her we went to our usual table and sat around it with Marcus. This time, however, he had a rather worried look on his face. He had a job for us, and he was the client. “Do you remember those scholars you helped out before? I think…perhaps I have you bad advice when I told you to spare the priest.”
It turned out the priest had struck back, and while we were dealing with the blood crow knights they had killed all of the scholars, save for one. The excitable fellow we had met before had managed to escape with his life and Marcus was keeping him safe at an abandoned house he had just outside of town. The agreement was to load him up and take him back to Lawrenzia where he would be safe and Marcus would pay us from his own pocket.
Of course we agreed, Marcus had done so much for us I’m sure we’d have accepted the job if he wasn’t going to pay us a single coin. It was a short ride outside of town where we met with the scholar, thankfully much less rambly than before; although much more distraught. We could do little more than apologize for the death of his friend, and treat him well. We promised his safety, and even then he still seemed a bit shaken.
We put together a plan to transport him, we’d set up two carriages. I would ride with him and Luko in the first carriage, Brye and his cat would ride in the other with another drive, and Breuz would ride on his steed in the middle. We planned to head straight for Lawrenzia where we would drop him off and return for our pay just after. Loading him up, we took a hidden route there off of the main road.
Even doing our best to avoid attention it was inevitable that raiders would notice our caravan. Shooting from the forest on the back of horses there were two riders to a steed. Jumping right in to action I lept atop my carriage, fighting them from my position there as Breuz pulled his horse back to smash that flail in to them and send them flying. Bryeweulf wielded his powerful control of the elements, shooting them from the backs of their horses using orbs of water and other magics.
Other than the raiders, dealt with swiftly and harshly, we made it to Lawrenzia without much worry. It was a beautiful place, home of the scholarly. Riding in through the gates it was hard to miss the large white decorative buildings that went high in to the sky. Pulling off in to the side roads, we let the young scholar disembark.
Before he left though, he handed me something; a little cylinder…


sirbronson sirbronson

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