Age of Supremacy

Chapter 3

Feast of the Divine Raven

Times have been good; we made quite the set of gold from the scholars and we got a good night’s rest. It seems we’ve formed out own little group here. Meeting back up in the early morning we headed back by the guild, certain good old Marcus would have another job for us; we were right. Back at the guild we sat across from Marcus at the familiar table.
“Have you ever heard of the crow knights?” Asked Marcus, “They’re knights without a king right?” Giving what limited knowledge I had on the subject; though Marcus soon filled us in;
“Kingless knights that serve the word of Asmael the Polygod aspect of sorrow, they’re considered bearers of ill omens, nobody knows what exactly their mission in this world is, they tend to go on “pilgrimages” which almost always end bloody”
Marcus went on to tell us that they had embarked on one such pilgrimage. A letter had come through pigeon that said the knights were attacking a town not far from here. The request was for the guild to put a stop to it. There was another man on the same job out at Trader’s Square, we were to keep an eye out for him. We took the job, of course. Going that far out there, we certainly weren’t going to walk or rent more transportation. Vormec had his own horse, but for the rest of it I took it amongst myself to purchase a carriage and two horses to carry it for us.
It was while we were out in trader’s square just after our purchase they we heard the CLASH and a swing. Groans of pain not far off we made a hurried dash over there to see a large man in branded armor fighting off several ruffians; ‘Come on!” announced as that mighty flail rolled over head and then smashed in to the ground again. Of course, they did now; infact they ran for the hills only for the man to give a huff. He turned to us, his face entirely disguised by his helm. Introductions went well, Breuz was from the guild same as us and it was clear he was the other man Marcus had mentioned. He was a northerner from Davinsgrad, the same country as Bryeweulf and seemed to prefer the flail.
Bryeweulf and I settled in to the carriage and Luko drove the horses, Vormec and Breuz road alongside us on their respective horses. I spent most of the ride right here with you Journal, got to keep you updated after all. I’v spoken with Breuz, our new companion, some; he seems mostly to be interested in finding a good cause and a good fight. He never seems to take his helmet off, so it’s difficult to describe him outside of calling him a walking suit of armor.
We arrived at the town to find it practically deserted, pulling up through the dirt road we could barely catch sight of the people before they pulled their windows shut again I climbed atop the carriage, standing with sword drawn so I could catch early signs of our enemies. It felt deserted, if not for the knights standing opposite of us down the road. They stood clad in black armor; their helms were shaped like the crows they got their name from. All but one of them used sickles as their weapon excluding the larger, meaner looking fellow in the middle who wielded a large scythe.
Vormec rode off hard to the side, heading for the nearby buildings and I leaped from the carriage with blade drawn; a quick sleight of hand brought my weapon twirling through the air before snatched in opposite hand. Cutting out in to the air they got their warning; “You’d best turn and leave now, you face the best sword this land has ever seen! If you so much as draw…” of course they didn’t listen, they never listen.
They paid attention to Breuz though, that flail practically roared as it sailed through the air. Large armored man with a huge weapon, intimidating to say the least. Visibly shaken but not deterred they stepped forward, obviously intent to fight and quickly interrupted by a heavy crossbow bolt to the shoulder. Vormec had found himself on top of one of the buildings, and with a pull of the repeating crossbow’s lever he was ready to fire again. In that same moment, conflict finally broke out.
Flanking and maneuverability seemed to be quickly winning the day as we cut through them. It was hard not to notice the growing caws of the crows above. Distracted by them for a moment, I felt a grab on my arm before I became ill. My legs wobbled, my vision faded a bit. It was some kind of poison or magic, I’m not sure I could tell. It became rapidly harder to fight each time, and the sky only grew blacker with the cawing crows.
The scythe wielding one had the worst magic, fires and damage that nearly slayed us. I was quick to realize though, which each use of his power that scythe glowed. Stepping in, I caught it just under the blade with my rapier and with a step in and a well-placed grab I was able to disarm him of the weapon, not before he gashed me across the chest however. That certainly hurt, weak from the illness I could barely stand let alone fight. We kept at it though, only finding that his allies could heal him. More magic, more crows, my heart was beating in my chest.
We kept at it though and after a tense fight we were able to cut them all down, leaving a bloody mess. I only wish it was all our foes blood, and that so much less of it was mine. Before I could even fall over doors erupted open and people flooded from their houses. “Are they dead?” “Are they gone?” “Did you kill them?” “Did you save us?”
How could I not leap on to our carriage and use what strength I had left to assure them that we had saved the day! Clapping and roars erupted around us, this must me what it feels like to be a hero. Our injuries were treated by professionals and we slept well in a comfortable end. We did good that day, we really did.


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